About Raukikini

RAUKIKINI LIMITED was founded in August 2007 to provide specialist services in the Tourism and Hospitality market.

While originally the focus was on local consulting, the company has from April 2009 established itself as an Inbound Tour Operator  providing exclusive service and products to the experienced traveler. Our marketing focus is aimed at the discerning European traveler looking for a unique and memorable experience while holidaying in New Zealand.

While at this stage the German speaking market (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) is our main supplier of clients, we are working with agents in France, Belgium & The Netherlands, providing them with individual itineraries for their specific markets. The traditional Latin language (Spain & Italy) market has shown its increased interest in New Zealand by choosing to work with our company.

Clients from these countries usually have different expectations and requests from the more northern European traveler, and our company is well placed to supply the specific needs of these markets.

Our company policy is to supply the discerning traveller with high quality products and services. To achieve this we aim to establish ourselves more in the small groups and FITs market. With highly motivated multi-lingual staff and a vast, specialized, local knowledge we can be one step ahead of our competition. All our agents have their personalized consultant that deals with their requests and clients. Thus ensuring, that there is continuity as well as a personal focus with the consultant taking pride in their work and the result.

As a small company we can react faster to changes in the market and are looking forward to working with suppliers and agents that have the same drive and vision: Providing excellent service.