Western Australia

Western Australia is fast becoming one of the world’s best eco-tourism based holiday destinations. It is like taking a world tour all in one place. You can find areas very similar to the plains of Arizona in the United States or the grasslands of South Africa. Parts of the South West remind some people of the English countryside and in other places like the tropical Pacific such as Hawaii or the Great Barrier Reef.

Western Australia’s capital city of Perth has been described as being similar to California with the relaxed lifestyle and wonderful beaches. It may interest you to know that Western Australia is bigger than Europe and covers one third of the Australian continent, yet only two million Australians live here. As a result, you can explore pristine wilderness and natural attractions that are completely undisturbed by man.

Western Australia has a remarkable and very modern transportation network with accommodation and tour operators alike having world-class facilities to suit your every comfort and desire. There are five tourist regions in Western Australia, each with their own unique attractions, lifestyle and climate. These are Perth, the Golden Outback, the North West, the Coral Coast and the South West.