Terms and Conditions

(subject to change)

Actioning of Cancellations and/or Amendments is based on New Zealand Time:Cancellation and/or amendment requests need to arrive and be actioned during standard New Zealand/Australian office hours (Monday – Friday 08.30-1700 hrs). We do not accept responsibility for delays caused by late receipt of these messages. Please take note of time differences between NZ and Europe and the Americas.

Once the booking has been confirmed by Raukikini Ltd, any changes may incur an amendment fee of NZD 50.00 per person / per amendment.

If cancellation occurs within 45 days of arrival, a fee equal to cancellation fees levied by suppliers and administration costs incurred by Raukikini Ltd, will be charged. After arrival no refunds are due.

Individual / FIT:
Standard cancellation fees (subject to fees levied by suppliers)
45 days + :        No Cancellation fee
30 – 44:             100$
21 – 29:            20% of total tour cost
14 – 20:            50% of total tour cost
04 – 13:            75% of total tour cost
03 days or less: 100% of total tour cost

Group Cancellations:
Standard cancellation fees (subject to fees levied by suppliers)
46 days + :        No Cancellation fee
45 or less:         50% of total tour cost
30 or less:         100% of total tour cost


  • Vouchers will be handed over at “first point of contact”. If vouchers are to be sent to the agent or client overseas additional charges may apply. These charges are not included in the quote and will be invoiced as a separate line.  Request for posting of vouchers is acknowledgment of charges.
  • Arrangements quoted are subject to confirmation. Please reserve as early as possible.
  • We highly recommend travel insurance
  • The GST (Goods & Services Tax) at currently 15% has been included on all prices. In the event that Federal, State or Local Governments introduce further taxes, or alter the existing GST, we reserve the right to alter our prices accordingly.
  • Tour quotes are costed and booked as packages and no individual line-by-linepricing will be given. Unless otherwise specified all quotes are valid for 30 days from the date of Issue.
  • Services are NOT confirmed at time of quotation and are subject to availability at the time of booking. Should the quoted services be unavailable or a change to the itinerary be requested, we reserve the right to amend and requote.
  • This quotation was prepared without the knowledge of arrival and departure flight details. This may affect the price and itinerary quoted when making firm reservations.
  • Check-in time at hotels is approx 15.00hrs unless rooms are pre-registered. Check-out time is approx 10.00hrs unless payment for day use room is added.
  • Raukikini LTD will not be held responsible for delays caused by Tour Escorts. Tour Escorts are requested to obey times and services arranged as per final itinerary.
  • For any tours & services booked, it is the passenger’s responsibility to be on time at the indicated place for pick-ups and departures. A 100% “no-show” fee applies when passengers miss a tour due to their own fault.
  • Raukikini LTD can not cover any costs incurred by delayed arrivals caused by Airlines, Trains and Customs. Guides and transfer companies wait until the luggage carousel has cleared and the flight has been taken off the arrival board for domestic flights and a maximum of 1 hour after the scheduled arrival of international flights. Raukikini LTD will charge any additional costs back to the organising Agent/Wholesaler or their representative travelling with the group.
  • If there are itinerary changes, beyond the control of Raukikini LTD, (eg: airline or train delays, bad weather, injuries, accidents, cancelled services, lost baggage), then additional charges will be billed back to the organising Agent/Wholesaler or their representative travelling with the group in New Zealand/Australia.
  • Raukikini LTD will not be able to assist with any visa arrangements or vaccination requirements. It is the responsibility of the client to obtain relevant travel visas for passengers and Tour Escorts. Please note that Tour Escorts might require a work permit for Australia and/or New Zealand. Raukikini LTD reserves the right to charge full cancellation fees should a visa application be declined and a booking be cancelled as a result thereof.
  • Most accommodations do not have triple bedded rooms.  Additional bedding such as roll-aways, divans or sofa beds will be provided at a surcharge.
  • Charter costs are based on fixed times.

Deposits may be requested by hotels and other suppliers and you will be advised of these, and receive an invoice, at the time of booking.

Booking & Rooming confirmation times:

90 days out: Advise if Group Tour is still going ahead.

60 days out: Preliminary rooming list and release back of any unused rooms in excess.

45 days out: Final rooming list and release of all unused rooms.

Raukikini LTD acts only as a booking agent or intermediary for the operators providing the services referred to in our itineraries and travel documents, and not as a principal. We do not take responsibility or accept any liability for the unsatisfactory delivery of services, omissions or default, whether negligent or otherwise, by third party suppliers over whom we have no direct control. We also do not accept legal or financial liability for suppliers that cease to operate without notice.

The latest up-to-date Terms & Conditions will be provided with your quote or booking.

New Zealand law applies to all transactions and services rendered.


Payment via Bank Cheque or Bank Transfer only.
If other form of payment is requested a surcharge may apply. The full amount must be credited to our account 30 days prior to arrival of the group. After arrival no refunds are due.

We reserve and enforce the right to withhold services if payment is not received by due date.